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On Aditi – Dress: Sfera | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Tall Tote: ATRANGEE                                                             On Nikita – Dress: Sfera | Jacket: Warehouse | Scarf: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Clarks | Tall Tote: ATRANGEE

Hey Lovely People,

Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your weekend!

After coming back from work on Friday, we found a surprise package with 2 beautiful “Tall Tote” bags from “Atrangee” , see below how we styled it!



So now we would like to share the impressive and top notch product- Tall Tote Bag which we had the pleasure to own, made by a fine crafted bag company named “Atrangee” . It’s so durable and so great that each design has a unique different cultural prospect to it, it provides you so many options and styles and color that you want next to you.

It can be used for different purposes, if we would have been a designer, we swear this would have been so conveniently good for us, it’s so spacious and stylish too, it can hold so many stuff without us getting confused, because there is so many different pockets in it . We absolutely love it, even though we are not designer, we have a life too, that this bag will serve so many purpose, trust us! 😀


Atrangee as the name itself says ” it so different that it actually surprises you with it’s unique features” also it states as so colorful that if you are a colorful person you will be in love with the designs they have to offer. It’s not at all a mass product bags, every bag is made after receiving a order and every stitch on this bag shows that how much a crafter has worked on this bag, if you ask us this is a high end product because this is a beautiful bag, made with the use of lot of high quality raw material, it has strength, it’s light weight, it’s durable, resistant to all the abrasions and designed for living, which will last longer, overall it’s a bag which everyone is keen to own and worth every penny.



“Atrangee” offers a wide range of bags, the list of them are below:

  • Messenger Bags
  • Tall Tote Bags
  • Wide Tote bags
  • City Slings
  • Sidekick
  • Sleeves

It serves all your purpose, the one you are looking for is right here infront of you, if you want a cultural driven product or Indian looking, then you should definitely check out what Atrangee has to offer you.

We have never written such a big review about a product and trust us if we have written so much, that means we trust the quality of the product and believe in Atrangee brand credibility.




Hope you love it, as always 🙂


Aditi and Nikita

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