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I’m Wearing >> Crop Top: DIY | Boyfriend Jeans: Vero Moda | Sling Bag: Jones | Watch: MZ Berger | Feet: Paris Thrifted


When it comes to this style – Boyfriend Jeans – Which actually became quite a trend lately. For the past couple of years, fashion has started to pivot towards more indeterminate looks, or at least more effortless, slouchier, looser styles and cuts. With the exception of a few refined sartorial timeless pieces, for example, Crop top Silhouette, everything else became men inspired. Our sweaters are huge, blazers are tuxedo style and so on.


If it has all come down to this trend then Boyfriend Jeans is so far is one of the most important and top of all trend this season as well, it’s effortless and exactly loose like we need them to be, it’s kind of COOL and give it a feminine touch, like I did in this post, I have had a crop top which I tie-dyed by myself (I know it’s lovely :)) and with my favorite (without whom i can’t survive honestly) white casual shoes, you all know its in trend and top of it’s so classic, if you ask me shoes are timeless, absolute relaxing/comfortable Tomboy-ish look.



Casual cool, Hot rock-n-roll, a touch of feminine coolness and you hot pink lipstick is all you need to pair it up this Sexy Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, it has to be ripped, it’s way sexier and cooler.  It is a perfect outfit to roam around in the city and enjoy Saturday’s andSunday’s, not just those but all week (if you have time :P).


Don’t forget your sling bag, else it will be stupid to roam around empty-handed, you have to spend in order to be happy 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this post. Personally, I’ve had the best time ever shooting and styling these boyfriend Jeans.



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We’re Wearing>> Jumpsuit: Next | Kimono: Sfera | Jewellery: Etsy and Urban Outfitters








JUMPSUITS, Yes everyone wants to have it, everyone these days own one, it’s an effortless outfit!!

Girls always want to have one piece look which is perfect go-to, it’s a one-stop shop because it creates a polished outfit with just one piece, you can combine the same with bold grungy accessories and kimono.

This is the most comfortable outfit that one can own because it is comfortable in ways a cocktail and sun dress can never be. And this can be worn in all the seasons, all you have to do is mix and match.

Whether it’s love or outfit, our life is all about what appeals our eyes and everything else falls into place automatically. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like cocktail dresses or sundresses, we love it all, but it all depends on the mood, some day we feel like looking sexy, someday we feel like we want to look bossy, someday’s it all about pyjamas, someday it feels like a party time, so we have different colours and there is nothing wrong in that, “we are who we are” and despite everything, we love our true self. So, if people say we are unpredictable, so tell them  “ohhh hell yeah we are”, because believe it or not, we give colour to your dull life.

So where were we? hehe hehe hehe… I know it has gone in some other direction, but people should know this, don’t you think?

Jumpsuit and Grungy/Earthy look, these are 2 trendy and favorite look of street styles, all you have to do is play around with it and find your perfect match, Aditi and I did the same thing, we had our chic black jumpsuit with the fringe kimono and silver grungy jewellery, if you have been following us, you by now have come to know that we love jewellery and if you like it too, then like this post and follow “RAVING RAGE” for all the latest updates on our lifestyle and fashion.

If you want to know more about us and want some advice, we will be happy to help 🙂


Aditi and Nikki

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We’are Wearing >> Barbie Dresses: Next | Sunglasses: H&M | Feet: London Rebel




What a day, OUTSTANDING is the word!  

The lighting, the colors, the dresses, we love it all!

It is always nice to dress up like dolls, we have spent our childhood fantasising to live a life of a Barbie/Doll, even though Aditi has always been a tomboy but as far as where I (Nikita) go, I have always been a girl who loves to daydream, play dress up, stand in-front of the mirror, act like princess, kissing myself, and adoring what I see…ha ha haha, I know it sounds funny but don’t you think, this is what’s like to be a girl child, I was a typical girl. Aditi on the other hand, had a completely different life, but a good one too!!

But sometimes you have to convince (Plead actually, this is what I did ;P your best friend to dress like your childhood absolute favourite character. I know she must be hating me right now, but see how pretty she looks, tell me if it isn’t worth it?? 😛

Guys help me convince her (Aditi), that she is looking amazing as always!




We have never come across to such a beautiful friendly dog, she is so cute, her name makes us go crazy about her, you know what it is “THUMRI”, she is exactly like her name, walk like a sexy girl, making us go crazy too 😀

There is something about dogs, which brings a smile on our face and she is one of those dogs!

She is ADORABLE (and thanks for such a cute picture THUMRI) 🙂



In all the pictures we look like scary dead dolls, we know, we know, but the lighting was so amazing, we couldn’t resist ourselves for such poses!



Hope you like it!

Tell us if you have any comments for our post, we will love to hear from you 🙂

Feedbacks are very much appreciated!



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On Nikita – Sunglasses: BCBG| Dress: Southern Cotton| Bag: Free People| Feet: Adidas Originals| Scarf: Sfera        On Aditi – Sunglasses: Shopper’s Stop| Dress: Sfera| Bag: Coach| Feet: Nike Air



People sometimes feel blogging is too easy, all you have to do is wear an outfit, look good and click good pictures. But the truth is, it is so much of hard work, it has to be what you love and inspire, it has to be something that defines you, the person you want to be, aspire to be.

These little things are the one that makes you and is a part which defines “who you are”.

We love the way we are, atleast our friends will agree with us on that 😛


This post is all about showing you how can you pair your shoes/sneakers with your dress, short dress will look lovely too, no matter what size you are, its about been trendy, be anyone/everything you want to be, there is absolutely nothing to stop us now 🙂

We have spent our entire childhood in those pair of shoes, running around in playground, falling, running, playing again, having fun is all we did, we miss those days, all we did was be happy, we all wish to go back in time in those days, but now and then we can have fun wearing those shoes with our trendiest of outfit and play around, this is absolutely our favourite trend so far, there is no more hurting your legs, LOVE is what we have for this trend..

Trend-setters, we absolutely love you for taking us back to our memory land and help us feel free/comfortable in our outfit 😀




So here we are making a statement, someone has rightly said….

” Give a girl, a right pair of footwear and she can conquer the world”

Here we are conquering the world, check out of favourite style trick, white dress with absolutely any color of shoes. Smile, Sunglasses and a sling bag and you are good to go.

Tell us if you like what we are wearing.


Aditi & Nikita

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Hope you will enjoy the video post….

This is something new for us and we are kind of excited about this.

We always added pictures but music does give an edgy look, it enhances your outfit and does give your heart a quirky effect, which we love 😉

We gave it a try and hope that you like it!

Your feedback will be very much appreciated 🙂

“Soundtrack: Summertime Sadness (if you were curious)”

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We’re Wearing >> Dress: Tintoretto| Bracelet: Swarovski| Watch: Fossil| Earning: Archies| Footwear : Inc.5

Well Well Well !!! Here we are “Againnnn“…

Someone very famous said, ” The more we refine our definitions, the more we understand what we are doing”.

Sort of in Limbo right now. we were going to say that the past few months have been a wind whirl. We really don’t remember when last we spent a whole week enjoying blogging, clicking pictures, resting, laughing.. guess we needed a break, It did give us a sense of direction and this has lead to this “RAVING RAGE” Creativity is nothing without refinement 🙂 🙂

So we tried it and let’s see how this works out!

Hope this journey will be worth waiting for, for us as well for you 😀
IMG_0246  IMG_0233


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