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 On Aditi – T-shirt: Oniomania (Instagram)| Jeans: Pepe| Jacket: Warehouse| Jewellery: Sfera| Feet: Ellesse            On Nikita – T-shirt: Oniomania (Instagram)| Skirt: Pagani| Jacket: Warehouse| Jewellery: Sfera| Feet: NB






Hey Beautiful People,

The winter is already here so, we pack our shorts, especially our statement T-shirts. But not this time, it’s time to wear statement T-shirt in our favourite season of the year, always remember “WE MAKE THE RULES HERE”!

The slogan tee is taking the fashion world by storm for SS14. Whether you’re dressing them up or down, wearing a slogan tee can be playfully fun, convey a witty sense of irony or just gain serious style points. The slogan tee is the first stop to creating that perfect daring fashion statement, pushing style boundaries and exploring controversial statements with an attention-grabbing tee.



Everywhere you look, from the high street shops to street style fashionistas and bloggers alike, T-shirts have been adorn with attention-grabbing statements. Some are funny because they’re good jokes, some are funny because they’re classics, and a large number are funny simply because someone would actually wear them. Everyone has been wearing their thoughts on their T-shirts. Slogan T-shirt not only look cool but they are also a sneaky way of expressing how we really feel.

Like a tattoo, the slogan T-shirt has become the celebrity’s weapon of choice in order to make a statement without saying a word. When was the last time you wore a slogan T-shirt out of the house?



If you are still looking for your favourite kind, we would seriously suggest you try, the one we tried recently Oniomania (Instagram) (it kind of became our best friend’s t-shirt), We just absolutely look it!

And trust us when we say, we have been looking for perfect match from past 1 year, from the time when the slogan t-shirts became a trend, and we tried couple of them but some or other thing made us not to trust any online brands, but FINALLY, we have got the one, Oniomania (Instagram) is definitely the one, now we know we can buy the slogan t-shirts without any worry and can say whatever we wanna say about each other or ourselves 😛

Oniomania (Instagram), if you are worried about the quality, then let me tell you, the fabric is really nice, as the brand itself says Oniomania (Instagram), they are definitely keeping up with the quality, UNDOUBTEDLY…

Now it’s so easy to find a gift for your bestie, saying all the bull-shit you actually wanna say to her/him, this is what friendship is and this is what absolutely worth in your life, we know what friendship means, and trust us it’s the most beautiful feeling in the whole world, love can hurt you but friends will never…


We styled our T-shirts in two ways for Winters, Aditi is in ripped jeans, feeling like a biker (my tomboyish bestfriend), and believe me “NORMAL PEOPLE DO SCARE HER”, she is absolutely a different kind and l know her better than anyone. Which do make me a “PSYCHO TOO BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I AM NOT CUTE”, therefore, I styled my T-shirts with a chic woolen skirt, as I love wearing something which is equally casual and pretty 😀

Hope you liked the way, we styled it!

And don’t forget to gift your best friend something like this, trust me it’s worth making each other happy!



Aditi Nagar and Nikita Verma                                                                                                                                     RAVING RAGE

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