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Our Perfect February Beauty Box: MY ENVY BOX

Hey Guys!!

Can’t believe February is going to end, it’s been an amazing month, lot is being done and lot of experience gained. January has always been a month of resolutions where as February has always been a month of love, love for your partner, but it doesn’t just end here, there is more love hidden in this month then you can think of, like love for your skin, love for your body, love for fashion, love for yourself etc. all lie in this fabulous month, you must be thinking, what am i trying to explain you?

Let me give you a brief on this then, have you ever thought why most of the brands promote skin care products, fashion collection, other lifestyle products very creatively on this month because they are trying to teach you that in order to love someone, you have to love yourself first and then try and make this month special.

But this isn’t it, we don’t need Valentine’s day to take care of yourself, we need the right products and that’s what MY ENVY BOX gives you, a right product for your skin to make it more easier to shine bright in the crowd. MY ENVY BOX– February Box has provided us with the same privilege, a step ahead to make our skin, hair, body to have a great texture that we all deserve. We all wish to go back to the skin that we are born with and MY ENVY BOX box help here will be a stepping milestone to reach that peak.



MY ENVY February Box consist the below “FOREST ESSENTIAL” products, a brand which is so popular to have used the organic products as it’s ingredients which is suitable to all the skin types and the category of the products given by MY ENVY BOX in February, will blow your mind, If you have never used Forest Essential products ever, then it’s high time, not just quality but the fragrance of their products will take you to another world, it’s so freaking good. So here is the list of February products by MY ENVY BOX.

  • Soap
  • Shower gel
  • Skin lotion
  • Face scrub
  • Lip balm





If you ask us what’s our favourite out of all the above then the below is the best answer that we can give,

“it’s like asking a guy to pick a hot girl friend out of 6 hot girls, so that’s how we feel about this”

Out all the amazing products we can’t choose óne then maybe that’s the awesome part of having ultimate month boxes like these, is that we know exactly what is best out of better.


If you want to know what’s more in ENVY BOX then visit there website and you will know how amazing this online commerce is, and they does provide you subscriptions and different packages for Jewellery and Beauty Box which has all the outstanding international brand products, even COSMOPOLITAN AND ELLE MAGAZINE, agrees with ENVY BOX.

You can get so many offers by subscribing to MY ENVY BOX, so what are you waiting for, go visit, shop and buy!


If you want the description of the more items then here it is, also how they might be than the reply of all will be more or less same, and i.e. it gives your skin, lips, face a beautiful texture.




Raving Rage

February 25, 2016 0 comment
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Be your own kind of beautiful <3 – by owning one of the MSM beauty box!



Hi Guys!

One of the favourite things about the February month is that this is the month of pampering yourself and get pampered, even if you are single or mingled or ready to be mingled, it’s about doing what makes you happy, make you feel good about yourself, making yourself fall in love over and over again with your own image. Loving yourself is the best therapy of staying young and have a youthful skin and you can achieve it, just by one procedure – stand infront of the mirror everyday and say “I LOVE MYSELF”.

Okay, so after doing this simple procedure, now we need to push ourself to use the products which will enhance our beauty, which will help us achieve victory on those little little bums we face while taking care of our skin, hair and beauty. So in order to have it, MSM Beauty Box is available here for awesome ladies like us.

If you are wondering what MSM is, let me give you a little brief about it, it’s your #1 online destination for beauty and grooming – where customers get the benefit to enjoy and try the luxurious, well grooming products and then buy the one’s you like from the very same platform. They have 2 monthly subscription starting from Rs.495 for MSM Express Box and Rs.995 for MSM Select Box.

What is different about this box – MSM Box then the rest of others in the market is that they not only let you choose the products you want, but they give you a little something extra with multiple subscription or build your own box, “which is so awesome”, tell us why do we need a boyfriend when we have someone like MSM Box to surprise us with gifts which not only makes us happy but also is beneficial to our skin in one way or another and then too from the brands which we love 😀

We think all the above points are good enough to convince ourself that it’s better to subscribe to MSM Box and feel the love this month or the next month or a month after that, it doesn’t have an expiry date which is the best part 😛

So see below what all have we got in XOXO February box of MSM.



  • INATUR – Daily Care Shampoo – 110 ml

We used this one today, it certainly suits our dry hair.

Suggestion: buy your own box to decide if this will be your Hair Routine from now on.



Perfect for this season, which is making our lips dry.

Suggestion: If you love mint flavour that it’s perfect for you, it’s such a strong flavour but nice.


ESSENCE- Lip Liner

It’s almost spring, the pink lip liner making us feel so summery.

Suggestion: If you are looking for a perfect lip color for this season, it has to be pink, say’s the Raving Rage and trend setters of 2016



Awesome lip color, the pink color is so subtle and the texture of the lip colour is smooth, it’s rich.

Suggestion: If you want a perfect date and baby lips, you have to own this page 3 lip color, this will definitely bring you into Valentine’s Day feel, not just on Valentine’s 😛



A little extra along with this beauty MSM Box.


What are you thinking about, go and subscribe yourself today and get this stupendous beauty box – MSM Box, own it, live it, enjoy it, it’s worth spending 500 bucks on the products that you can try first and then buy, instead of going the other way around and regret your choice later. Same applies to MAN 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovely Ladies!

Always remember beauty is not flawless, it shines even through your flaws..


Raving Rage

February 13, 2016 0 comment
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