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Hope you will enjoy the video post….

This is something new for us and we are kind of excited about this.

We always added pictures but music does give an edgy look, it enhances your outfit and does give your heart a quirky effect, which we love 😉

We gave it a try and hope that you like it!

Your feedback will be very much appreciated 🙂

“Soundtrack: Summertime Sadness (if you were curious)”

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We’re Wearing >> Dress: Tintoretto| Bracelet: Swarovski| Watch: Fossil| Earning: Archies| Footwear : Inc.5

Well Well Well !!! Here we are “Againnnn“…

Someone very famous said, ” The more we refine our definitions, the more we understand what we are doing”.

Sort of in Limbo right now. we were going to say that the past few months have been a wind whirl. We really don’t remember when last we spent a whole week enjoying blogging, clicking pictures, resting, laughing.. guess we needed a break, It did give us a sense of direction and this has lead to this “RAVING RAGE” Creativity is nothing without refinement 🙂 🙂

So we tried it and let’s see how this works out!

Hope this journey will be worth waiting for, for us as well for you 😀
IMG_0246  IMG_0233


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