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“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”  – Christian Dior

Hey Angels,

So this post is only for angels who love to spend money on a good perfume bottle, it seems silly to few people that why do you need to spend like million bucks for such a small bottle of perfume which will last like 3-4 months, what they actually don’t understand is that “You are the kind of girl who has a certain take on life and the choices you make are merely perfect and no one has a right to question your integrity or choices” and “You are a woman with taste and have an amazing lifestyle”. So people listen up, it’s important for every girl to feel that way, there are a million things that can make you feel this way but a bottle of right perfume can take you far away and enhance your style like nothing else can, so if you are a big spender and not yet brought the one and only MADE FOR YOU perfume, then go out and search yourself inside a tiny bottle”, that feeling is breathtaking and like no other.

Here comes the review on the new perfume that BVLGARI has recently launched, it’s called BVLGARI ROSE GOLDEA. Apart from how incredible the look of the bottle is but the review of the fragrance is far better than what you actually see in front. So here it goes:

This collection of BVLGARI is a tribute to the legendary Serpenti collection and “is inspired by gold and the sun”. Firstly, the lasting power of this perfume is outstandingly good, “YES, it last longer and we Raving Rage are the proof of this”. It’s really that good. As rose itself says it will have some kind of fruity/floral touch to it and will have the lighter scent to it, and this is completely true but the fruity smell doesn’t say it all about a perfume bottle, there are a million types of fruity/floral touches, what makes it different is its velvet and golden musk, raspberry, orange blossom, jasmine, bergamot, patchouli, papyrus, and ylang-ylang. This makes it not so fruity more florally toned but it definitely takes you to someplace where you can feel the peace at heart. We love every note of this perfume and will recommend you all try it once at least to see how amazing this collection of BVLGARI is, it is inspired by nature. And as you know nature is never the wrong 😀

So would love to thank BCPL (Beauty Concept Pvt. Ltd) who are the distributor and importer of these fragrances in India and their supply chain is spread out to all the beauty retailers starting from Lifestyle to Shopper’s stop to Sephora to Central to Pantaloons to Perfume Couture. So they are a big deal, they are the major players in the domestic industry and we love them because they are the people who make their mission to send us the right product at the right place and at right time 🙂

Try out this New BVLGARI ROSE GOLDEA perfume, right away!



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Hey Guys!

How are you, people? Enjoying the winters? Enjoying the fog? Having fun sitting under Sun in the afternoons? We are definitely doing all this because these things bring the childhood memories that we have lived every second during this time of the year, this is such a good feeling that takes us to those days when we used to be the happiest souls, no matter what happens or how much syllabus we have on our hands 😛

What can we say about memories? every human being who has ever lived on this planet knows how important MEMORIES are. It is proven that we think about the past memories or the moments that we lived more than we think of Present or Future, isn’t it crazy? How can something make us feel Happy or Sad just by thinking about it? Human Brain and Heart is complicated but the best thing that has ever created in this universe, that’s the reason why people say you have one life, live it to the fullest.



So that’s why we believe in creating memories and having a portrait of those beautiful moments is one of the brilliant feelings, so we would like to thank “Artezy India” for giving us this beautiful canvas of “Raving Rage’s – one of the best shots”. We had fun shooting this one and we had the same one shooting with this canvas. We are so thankful to you because you make us feel special and we would like to share the same love with you.

Artezy India as the name itself states is “very artistic” and have some amazing designs which will fill your walls with some good taste and some good memories, the raw material that they use to print those fabulous canvases is beyond general praise, Remarkable! Print quality is so fine that the pieces will look like it is been brought from a luxury store and people will think, you have spent some big bucks on that piece, isn’t that something that you would want? 😀

No, but incredible designs and the price range is just perfect value for money, we will come back, again and again, to visit Artezy India to make us home look beautiful and you guys should do too because they have some pretty amazing stuff.



So not just our portrait but a beautiful artistic poster made Rich and Calm color of Buddha that got delivered at our doorstep by Artezy India have taken our breath away, it’s beautiful and so peaceful to look at. Love every part of it this half face portrait, this shows some good talent which is sitting in Artezy India, who believes in giving those special moments to everyone.

So visit them today and choose something which can make you feel this way again.




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