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On Me >> Jumpsuit: Southern Cotton| HeadGear: Accessorize, India| Metallic Temporary Tattoos: Accessorize, India| Feet: Thrifted Paris

Hey Lovely People,

How was your Christmas?

Hope your Santa gave you whatever you wished for, my Santa gave me the best gift of all, Ohh I wish everyday to be as good as Christmas, now let’s see what 2016 has to offer me!

You know how amazing it is to share your ideas, your inspirations, your reviews with the world especially with the readers like you, and since you are my readers it’s definitely my duty to amaze you with the current and upcoming fashion trends, by showcasing it with our personal style. So here is – Raving Rage’s philosophy for 2016, keep experimenting until the output of it comes out to be an outstanding experience be “DRAMATIC.EDGY.ROCK ON”, this is your runway, and you are the deal-breaker.






Head Gear and Metallic Tattoo has become the celebrities modern day dressing rule, celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Adrian etc. are wearing temporary tattoos into day to day life, this is a perfect look, if you are going out for music festival, runway, concerts, shoots etc. and it’s kind of sexy and appealing in it’s own way.

Ramps are also now rocking their world by making models wear metallic temporary tattoos and headgear at runway and this is such a fun way to get cultural or to this simply add a splash of your fashion sense and shine to your day.





Foil tattoo provide such a beautiful contrast to your outfit which is perfect for a new year’s eve, a day to care less and enjoy the new beginning, care less does mean “Jewellery Free Day” but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear other accessories, there are so many ways which shows you are dressed properly, all you have to do is wear a head gear all day long and add temporary tattoos in a complete elegant and subtle ways.

It actually plays the same role like any regular jewellery but with less of an hassle and weight or should I say ZERO weight, this new year don’t care about the jewellery, nor what will go with my dress, just carry yourself in a unique way and people will notice you and let them think, that this is a damn sexy way to carry yourself.

You can actually find very graceful designs at ACCESSORIZE, India, which have such a fine detailing and gives a really posh look to your tattoo. Go and grab your design before it’s out of stock.

People prefer different types of tattoo based on their personality some like flowers, some like linear and geometric patterns, you can find both winners at ACCESSORIZE, India, absolutely love it!!!

My favourite ones are the triangular ones, you can find the black and silver and golden foil combination as well, if you are planning to have a more gothic look this new year’s, go and visit ACCESSORIZE store and buy your favourite one.

And the good thing is you can show your feminine side along with bold statement by placing tattoo anywhere you want in your body, it’s completely you choice.

For the inspiration, you can see all my pictures 🙂








What should I say about the head gear, every girl knows that this makes you feel like a princess, I have got my Tiara, you can have your’s from ACCESSORIZE too.

Hope you liked the post and just keep visiting!

Love ya.

Aditi Nagar

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