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I can’t ever get enough of you – My Envy Box!

Hey Guys!

You can catch up right now as well, grab your May goodies by My Envy Box today. only 4 days left until this amazing month gets over, don’t wait up, act proactively and grab the things for which you will have hots later on, because they are too good.

Wanna know what’s in there this month in MY ENVY BOX ?

Read the reviews below:




1. Votre Botanical Toning Mist

2. Roots and Above- Lemon Essential Oil

3. Island Kiss Lip Moisturiser – Peurto Berry Blush

4. GulnareHandmade Skincare – Seaflo Face Wash

5. Kiehls – Special Gift Voucher

Votre Botanical Toning Mist – So the first product that we tried from this Envy Box was this toner. Why? because it’s been so hot lately that it’s so important to use toner in your skin to make it supple and make your skin feel refreshed, so that you face doesn’t look dull due to excessive exposure to heat this season. And this particular toner is been very helpful because this has a complex properties with non drying nature, which enhances your skin’s toning while maintaining the pH of the skin. If you are facing issue in your skin, then use this toner and leave this for 5 minutes and then moisturise your skin, you will feel the difference 😀


Roots and Above- Lemon Essential Oil – This was kind of our first time experience with such a different and unique product, we are not really sure how much this works and how effective this is for our skin but we are definitely going to try this and experience and enjoy the particularity of this product. You must be confused?  Let me elaborate that for you.

This is a multi talented product – it flushes out the toxins from your body and purifies the skin. Removing toxins from body is a very large segment and the segment that this product covers are below:

  • Act as bug repellent
  • Breakdown body fats, if inhaled
  • Act as astringent for oily skin
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Hair fall reduction
  • Oil for dandruff treatment
  • As a teeth whitener
  • Get rid of bad breath
  • Can be added to body wash and bath water as well

Like we said large segment, but we are definitely gonna try this product in all the mentioned above situation and gonna see how this works and this sounds so exciting, that’s why this has become our favorite product of this month’s box 😛


Island Kiss Lip Moisturiser – Peurto Berry Blush –  the ingredients used to make a blend like this lip balm just makes our mouth watery, you must be laughing at us that whether we are reviewing a lip balm or food but just imagine these words coming out of someone mouth – rasberry, strawberry, blackcurrent, kokum butter, almond , alphonso mango butter ? doesn’t this sound as delicious lip balm ? And this is delicious and the aroma of this is fantastic. This is a very flirty color and that;s what makes it so girly. Every girl has a little girly girl inside them so this is AWESOME in May’s Envy Box. 


Gulnare Handmade Skincare – Seaflo Face Wash – A very subtle face wash with natural ingredient “Cucumber” which has very interesting benefit on health, it makes your skin glow, hydrates your body, so just imagine if we have a face wash made with this key ingredient then how effective that face wash will be, if your want to keep your skin hydrated, moisturised, soften and invigorate it. So use this daily for the best result. Available at MY ENVY BOX


Kiehls – Special Gift Voucher – A special invitation just for MY ENVY BOX customers. An Invite to visit any neighbourhood store of Kiehl’s, a well know New-York’s Pharmacy since 1851, dedicated for finest skin and hair care products for free consultation and free samples based on your skin type. Isn’t this an opportunity, just go and grab this offer, only available at this month’s box.


Try it and tell us your experience, we will be happy to hear your side as well 🙂


Raving Rage

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