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Envy Love – Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!

Hey Guys!

How are you guys?? How was this month for you?? Did this month showed you enough love?? Was it full of surprises?? If not, you deserve to end this month with a bash, you don’t need a guy to pamper yourself, all you need is Envy Love. In last 2 days of this month, don’t feel disappointed, just buy yourself an envy box and feel the love in the air, over your skin and end this month with a glow. 

Envy box is so cute this month, firstly it has an Eiffel tower on it, which is our favorite city in an entire world and it’s absolutely beautiful, with a mint green background and lotus red flower all over it, with a small glowing Eiffel tower over the Envy Box initials. Absolutely stunning!! None of the envy boxes that we ever got was so beautiful, guess February has a beautiful impact.

Envy Box - Raving Rage Review

Envy Love - Raving Rage Review

Envy Love - Raving Rage Review

Envy Love - Raving Rage Review

Envy Love - Raving Rage Review

Envy Love - Raving Rage Review

Envy Love - Raving Rage Review

So here is the collection of My Envy Box– February Love:

  1. Gulnare – Gold Dust Highlighter
  2. Micellar Lotion
  3. L’oreal Paris – Kajal Magique Bold
  4. Votre – Face Serum 

Gulnare – Gold Dust Highlighter

Girls need a highlighter, don’t they? Girls like shiny stuff, sparkles, and we girls can’t give up any chance to make our skin luminous. And this gold dust highlighter is natural, free of toxins, it’s a peachy gold hue which is perfect for any skin color, it can be applied as a creme shadow or lipstick or on cheeks. Isn’t it perfect? You have to have it this summer.

Micellar Lotion ( a must-have, our favorite)

3-in-1 no rinse cleanser, toner and make-up remover based on a micelle principle that releases cleaning agents upon contact with the skin leaving it soft and moisturized. So now this was the bookish explanation, what it actually does is leave skin soft, fresh and a very good makeup remover. Other makeup remover leaves your skin dry but this one leaves your skin moisturized, and that’s for real. Alcohol-free, soap-free and oil-free and top of all it’s a no-rinse cleansing, and best suited for busy, pressed-for-time women like you.

You have to have this. It’s amazing, we swear. Love it!

L’oreal Paris – Kajal Magique Bold

Eye makeup is never complete without an eyeliner. It’s true, this is a very smooth eye liner by L’oreal, this company doesn’t require any praise or introduction, this kajal gives beautiful eyes with the bold look in an instant with just one or two strokes. This kajal has Vitamin E which is good for your skin has extra 25% concentrated black pigments that deliver more prominent and vivid lines, plus waterproof feature, good for summers.

Votre – Face Serum

A serum to make you fairer, even though we are already fair, so we really don’t know how to review this product. Maybe we will use this in May or June to see results since we get tan during that time. It has an herbal blend, cold pressed oils and molecules innovation in it. So let’s see how it works.

So these were the products which in Envy Love this Feb. But to actually enjoy the pure envy love offer, envy is giving flat 14% off on luxury beauty products throughout February, so you still have 2 days. Use code ” BEAUTY14″, valid till 28th Feb, Midnight, so hurry up guys!

Pamper yourself, you don’t need a boy to enjoy little pleasures of life.

Always keep your skin healthy.



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