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It’s a new era in FASHION – There are no RULES 

-Alexander McQueen

Hey Guys!

How you doing?

I feel like going to school today, I miss those days, I miss my friends, I miss classroom fun, the gossips, the gangs that we used to form, the lunch break, bunking classes, sports, cheating in exams, teasing teachers, fighting with friends, getting scared when teachers used to announce results, the farewell, the small talks in class, standing outside of a classroom and having fun, roaming around after school, eating at cafeteria etc etc..Oh god there is so much that we have lived in our first 18 years that none of us can forget.

And that’s why when I saw Lavie’s Backpack, all I can thing about is our school days, the ultimate flashback. It was an awesome feel and that’s why I had so much fun shooting this blog post because I was in a “full masti mode” and why won’t I be? because those where the days, when I used to choose my backpack carefully and here I am today paying the exact amount of attention in buying one of these, who said you can use backpacks only in schools? I am still a big fan of backpacks and will always be because they are comfortable and also because their is a piece of me who doesn’t want to let go that part of my life. And now since there are no rules in fashion-  who cares, wear what makes you happy because happy girls are prettiest and prettiest girls are fashionable. And that’s an ultimatum.

Lavie’s Backpacks are outstanding, I wish I knew more about these backpacks when I was a kid, I surely would have brought it, they are spacious, the prints are just out of world, the colors are vibrant and sexy and quality and the strength is amazing too, it has so many qualities and is awesome in so many ways that I have just changed the things that I keep inside a backpack, earlier it used to be books but now I carry my headphones, diary, make up kit, wallet, a water bottle, a charger, my tripod, my laptop or an ipad and much more. It a big list, trust me and I won’t bore you with that stuff 😀

So ultimately what I need to say to all of you guys are that don’t follow rules, if you are comfortable, use a backpack to stuff your things even if you are 90, because backpacks are incredible and if you brought your’s from Lavie then trust me you will have a closet full of backpacks and all of them will be the timeless pieces.

So Lavie Rocks and Backpacks are timeless.









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