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So happy you POPPED into my life, India’s 1st Gourmet Popcorn – 4700BC Popcorn

Hey Guys,

I don’t know anybody who has ever said that he or she doesn’t like Popcorn. Everyone eats it. Everyone enjoys a big bucket of popcorn while watching a movie. People buy family packs. When I was a kid, it used to be my favorite snack, I would buy it from a roadside uncle and I have pretty good memories of those days. And I am sure you will have it too because it is what we all love. Since we love it so much, a brilliant Indian mind has come up with an idea to make it Gourmet so that people can actually have more favor in their life, keeping intact the same experiences. The Co-founder and CEO of the 4700BC Popcorn, Chirag Gupta, I salute his brilliant idea and a man has got a personality, you can’t ignore that.

I got a chance to meet him and actually know him personally on the #popmovienight event at PVR Director’s cut where they are major. The first time ever I enjoyed wine with popcorn and trust me there is no rule that you can’t enjoy both together. I absolutely loved it. So anyway, I got a chance to know about the company in this way and he describes it as mentioned.

“4700BC Popcorn” – The name itself takes you back in another dimension of time.

What is 4700BC Popcorn? Well, it is a brand-driven with a passion of turning heads and thoughts of every Indian when he thinks about and munches on the very lovable and light going snack of all times – POPCORN.

POPCORN – As common as this name is, its presence in our lives is even more underrated and goes by without much notice. Every one of us has been devouring on this gift of nature ever since we have been embraced by mother earth – whether it be during a movie break, in a cozy family gathering with granny and the little ones or be it in our long list of cultural festivities.

At 4700BC, we have only one intention – to present every Indian with an opportunity to realize and appreciate the ‘Classics’ we have innovated through this seed of nature. Our different flavors have been refined and funneled to the levels of ‘micro microns’ to derive unparalleled quality of taste and hygiene. We at 4700BC are inspired by the simple fact that what we want to cater to the mass will touch everyone’s heart and stimulate the neurotic channels of mind and taste buds.

Satisfaction will not be only ‘GUARANTEED’, it will be ‘HEAVENLY’!!

So well it was Heavenly for me because I loved the whole experience. I loved the flavors, even though I have 2 favorite ones and Aditi loves other two out of a pack of 3. But we do enjoy those in the same manner. First spicy and then sweet version, that’s how we like it.

So the gift pack of 4700BC Popcorn has 3 flavors in it, that we tried were:

  1. Sour Cream with Wasabi Cheese
  2. Himalayan Salt Caramel
  3. Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate

Firstly I would say I just love the packing, the tin packaging is beautiful and then you can reuse it too, and if not, you can exchange the same in any outlet and get 20% off, so its a win-win situation for all. Now about the flavors. I am sure you must have got the idea I love Sour Cream with wasabi with nutty Tuxedo chocolate and Aditi loved sour cream with wasabi with Himalayan Salt Caramel.

Sour Cream and Wasabi Cheese is spicy which I love and then a nutty chocolate caramel coating on a popcorn makes me so happy because I absolutely love chocolate and these popcorns are so filling that you wouldn’t want anything else except this. And if you don’t like chocolate that much like Aditi, don’t worry you will love the Himalayan Salt Caramel one, who doesn’t love caramel right?

4700 bc popcorn

4700 bc popcorn

4700 bc popcorn

4700 bc popcorn

4700BC Popcorn

4700BC Popcorn

In short, I would love to try out all the favours in wholesome next time when I am going to visit the PVR and make the movie night more interesting and I would suggest all you guys to do the same, next time when you are in PVR because I can guarantee you will find your flavour in the bunch of many many flavours of 4700BC Popcorn.

And share your experience with us 🙂


Raving Rage

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