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RELAX. rejuvenate. BREATH. refresh. ENJOY. nourish. RENEW


Hey Guys!

We came across to an amazing brand BLOOMSBERRY, with a new concept to provide the human kind the best skin care and needs. They have launched a set of hand care products catering Indian market by providing a new formulation which will be better than anything in the market and will provide a healthy and classy lifestyle to individuals personal care in a CHICEST form possible.


BLOOMSBERRY have two beautiful quotes designed perfectly for them i.e..


“A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care”

Why the above two quotes suits them, let me describe that to you in detail.

Aditi and I are cleaning freaks, we are finicky about cleaning our hands and taking care of it because we personally think while meeting someone new, the first contact we make with the other person is through hands. So tell me if anyone doesn’t care about their hands, what kind of impression does that leave to the other person? We might look like a psycho but this is truth, everyone should take care of their hands, even if you like the shape of your hands or not and if some amazing brand like BLOOMSBERRY is providing you something to make it easier for you to take care of the most priceless possession of a human body, that’s your hand, which helps you eat, type, feed yourself, perform million of things, than what’s wrong in going an extra mile to take care of your hands with such amazing products, DON’T YOU THINK? 

Do you wanna know, what all commitments does BLOOMSBERRY make and live up to every single one of them, which is an achievement on it’s own? See below and you will appreciate it.

  • Moisturization
  • Vitamins
  • Mesmerizing Fragrance (This is the bestesttttttt part)
  • Need based products
  • Environment care and against Animal Testing
  • Designer and Handy

So we are her to review on the few products from BLOOMSBERRY, in which we believe in and you will too after using them.

  • 4 Set of Hand Sanitizers – The most essential product which you will find in Raving Rage’s handbag bag alwayssss… But what’s different about BLOOMSBERRY Sanitizers are they have a long lasting fragnance, you will be shocked the way they smell even after 1-2 hours, which is incredible, also it prevent us from bacterial 9X better than anyother normal sanitizers, so it’s a perfect package in one.
  • Green Apple
  • Aqua Bliss
  • Blossom Bouquet
  • Fresh Blooms
  • Nail Polish Remover – Girls must have essential, but usually all the nail polish removers are very harsh on your nails and makes your nail dry, but this is different, it not only nourishes your cuticle but also a clean the nails thoroughly. Finally the days are over where we have to apply a base nail polish just to make our nails shine after removing nail polish, this nail polish remover does it all along with helping you to grow your nails faster.

Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub Jar and Pedicure Smoothing Cucumber Foot Scrub Jar – Having a rough day and want to relax a bit, especially pamper your hands and feet, then this is perfect. Also when you have no time to rush to salon to get your nails and skin done then this minute scrub will help you get the same effect like an hour of the salon service, the refreshing fragrance and its nourishing effect does it all for you in a minute. It removes your dead skins and rough parts easily and leave the skin softer. BEST RESULTS EVER.

After reading such an amazing review what are you guys waiting for, all you have to do is check out there website and there amazing range of products and order them, BLOOMSBERRY products are worthy of all the praises.


Raving Rage

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