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The most beautiful makeup of a woman is the PASSION but cosmetics are easier to buy – YVES SAINT LAURENT. MY ENVY believes in it too.

Hey Lovely People,

I like calling you lovely because you are. I hope you guys don’t mind. You see us and like us and for that, we are eternally grateful. And therefore, we get our ass moving to bring you the best products and review them for you so that it helpful before you spend your money on something new. This month My Envy is cute, it reminds me of a swimming pool or an ocean. A dip is all I need :D. I love its cover and so the gems inside. The products are really cute this time. My Envy brings us new things which we are very well aware of.

So the products which are in JUNE BEAUTY BOX goes like this:

  • Vetro Power – Footwear Protection (it’s different and new)
  • Forest Essentials- Eladi Teenage Day Cream
  • Forest Essentials – Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream
  • Votre -After Sun Mist
  • Essence Nail Paint
  • Calvin Klein / Givenchy – Fragrance (Raving’s Favorite)
  • Essence Eye Shadow

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Vetro Power – Footwear Protection

It is an extremely powerful nanotechnology-enabled protective coating for your footwear. Sound technical? let me simplify it for you, it gives protection to your footwear from dust, dirt and other foreign particles but creating an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellant) and self-cleaning silicon dioxide coating which makes surface waterproof and stain proof.

It works guys, I have been using this from past 10 days now since it’s raining after every alternate day in Delhi, it is amazing. The direction to use it is very simple. Clean your shoes, make it dirt free. Recommended if used in a new footwear

  • Clean your shoes, make it dirt free. Recommended if used in a new footwear
  • Recommended if used in a new footwear
  • Shake the bottle and then spray it on your shoes with a distance of 10-15 cm, cover the areas evenly. Use a brush to gently rub the coating into delicate surfaces.
  • Repeat this process again after 10 minutes.
  • Keep it aside in cool dry environment away from sunlight for 24 hrs for completely harden and cure the coating.
  • And you are good to go.

I love this product. all get 20% off by using “VPXMEB” code on your first purchase.

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Forest Essentials- Eladi Teenage Day Cream

SPF 30 enriched with Mukta Pishti. It balances and hydrates the skin while protecting it from environmental damage. It feels good on my skin too but recommended best for Teenage Girls. Go girl Go!

Forest Essentials – Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream

Perfect in combination with the day cream.

it’s highly effective to contain powerful Ayurvedic preparations of Kumkumadiheram and Manikya Bhasma which lighten pigmentation and clarify the skin.

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Votre -After Sun Mist

Heals burns and excellent for after sun treatment. The best part is, it balances the skin equilibrium and reduces redness. I have applied this product on my feet since my upper feet get red and get burnt in summers. This has helped me a lot this month, It is an active blend of natural botanical herbs and minerals that make your skin softer and helps with the glow.

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Essence Nail Paint

Natural colors of nail paints are my favorite especially when its dry out easily in few seconds. I hate when brushes are not good and it makes an application really hard when you are painting your nails on your own at home. So after using this pink color, not flashy nail paint, I really loved it because it has a flat brush which makes application easier and it has gel finish to it. I like it.

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Calvin Klein -Eternity Intense Fragrance (Raving’s Favorite)

Oh, I loved it! I love that it last longer, it is intense, strong, fragrant, not fruity or citrusy. It has a manly touch to it. Just to inform you I love fragrances a lot especially a strong one. Because I think it gives me a sense of confidence. I love people who smell good. I just get automatically attracted to them. And when people come and say this to me that you smell really nice, what perfume have you applied. It just makes my day. So stronger the perfume, stronger I feel. I love this. I am gonna buy this bottle soon.

Calvin Klein is very popular among their customers and redefined the world of perfumes with its exclusive range. This Eternity Intense is one exclusive product.

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Essence Eye Shadow

Like electrified eyes? Use these dark ranges of Essence Eyeshadows, you will get a killer night looks It gives an extra added touch. Few of the other shades are;

  • Dance All Night
  • Black Goddess
  • Party All Night
  • Lola Petrola
  • I’m Royalty

Also shop for Rs.499 of Essence product get Eyeshadows applicators free Rs.149.

My Envy June Beauty Box - Raving Rage

Hope you guys order this month My Envy and love the products and see for yourself the gems that exist in this world.

Get more offers by visiting the My Envy Box Website.


Raving Rage


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