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by ravingrage April 26, 2016 0 comment

I am wearing >> Skirt: SR Store | Shirt: Benetton | Bag: Lavie World | Sandals: Koovs | Sunglasses: H&M

Hey Guys!

It’s a new day, new beginning and time for new HANDBAG, not just any bag but the exclusive range of “LAVIE WORLD”. Ohh Wow! This is the first word that came into my mind when I saw this beautiful pop color handbag, a bag which keep on reminding me that it’s summer, season to spread love and be sexy and be cool and work hard enough so that as soon as you save money, you go on a vacation to some cool place or maybe beach 😛

I am still on vacation mood, I wish I never come back, the first word I said after landing was “NOT AGAIN”, shit I am back to Pavilion and I feel so sick but it’s ok, it’s life. But life also gives you precious Lavie Bags, which you should cherish and take it with you everywhere. Roam around the world carrying this bag, let the world see the pop side of you and let them see how amazing your taste is. Who won’t stare at such a bag, a bag which you can take with your casual and office wear look both. I am in love with my precious little baby from Lavie World and I am going to take care of my new little baby for sometime now 😀






So today I styled my Lavie bag with a classic black and white square pattern skirt with a plaid green shirt and a beaded colorful neckpiece with a star of this post i.e. Lavie Handbag – from Lavie World. Don’t I look classy? and please people don’t just keep on staring at my Handbag, take a look or peep at me as well 😛

I know this bag is too beautiful to take off your eyes from it, so if you love it too much then why don’t you own such an amazing quality of Handbag from Lavie, because the range that Lavie has, I am sure you can’t find it anywhere. The range that they have is just unbeatable, if you don’t agree to me , go and visit other Handbag store, they will have the normal range of handbags with different colors and same old classic stuff but if you want to carry something different a stand out piece then you were visiting the wrong places till now.

Lavie World has it all, a bag with good quality and design which makes it so unique and it  show that “a girl can be more, she can have both the fun side and classic chic side in her” . So if you want your style to be unique and different from the crowd then Lavie is the one place you should spend your money in. Because a girl is completely incomplete without a good handbag. THAT’S TRUE!





I am sure you will agree with me, once you see the collection of Lavie World, and I can sign the blank papers if you want but I know you won’t be able to leave empty handed or should I say you won’t have a empty cart after seeing it’s collection 😀

Love you all.


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