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“GLOW IS THE ESSENCE OF THE BEAUTY” – Get you glow from MY ENVY BOX this summer.

Hey Sexy Ladies!

How have you been? Wanna know what’s in the Envy Beauty Box this month? To see the below list and order this for yourself now. It’s too hot already, we have no clue how May or June will treat us but thank god we have Envy Box in our life to help us maintain the Glow and maintain our natural skin texture, but also enhancing it. We wait for Envy Box every month and if you have subscribed to it, we are sure you get equally excited for this :D,If you have not subscribed it till now, then you have to now because it’s a must-have for summer.

Here goes like this and we have few coupon codes mentioned below in order for you to gain maximum benefits, go check out:

  • Essence- Lip Liner
  • Gardener Street Tea – Glow
  • Neemli – Coffee and Cocoa Body Wrap ( RavingRage’s recommendation)
  • Eyova – Hair Oil
  • Wikka – Beauty Potion
  • All Good Scents – Vials

Review of each one of them:

Essence – Lip Liner

This comes in 3 colors:- Cute Pink, Red Blush, Honey Berry

We got cute pink in our package. Pink is a color of every girl and so is the color of 2017. You can see ink color everywhere and you will keep seeing it until the end of this year. So grab everything in pink even if it is a lip color and essence lip color is awesome, as it last longer, and smudge proof, it’s smooth and contour’s your lip. It will protect your lipstick from bleeding. So it’s perfect to buy products worth Rs.599 and gets an eyebrow designer pencil for free, use “BLACK” or “BROWN” code. So go hurry up! MY ENVY BOX rocks!

My Envy Box - Raving Rage

Gardener Street Tea – Glow

Want to have a Botox? Naturally? If yes, then you have to try this Green Tea, its amazing and taste is really good, it’s not at all sour, very good for your skin and hair, even though we can’t see the effect so soon, but we like the taste of it, it’s enough for us to go and buy a complete pack. Maybe then we will be able to review its claim for leaving hair shiny and skin clear 🙂

My Envy Box - Raving Rage

Neemli – Coffee & Cocoa Body Wrap (RECOMMENDED)

Love coffee, love cocoa and together they are magical and if it’s a body wrap then what else do you need in your life to remove toxins from skins pores. Everyone is aware of the exfoliating feature of coffee and knows cocoa helps you glow and helps reverse your age. So without any further description, you know what this body wrap will do to your skin, it will help your skin glow, reduce puffiness, exfoliate, has so many minerals which are perfect for your skin. So this is our favorite because it makes us so calm after a shower. Ahhh, love it!

My Envy Box - Raving Rage

Eyova – Hair Oil

Egg oil for real? Yes, never heard about it but the results after using this were unbelievable. We have always used curd and egg mixture to make our hair better but after using this we are thinking we now don’t need messiness in our life because it has the same impact on our hair as Curd and Egg mixture. It’s organic and very effective for your hair. Must try! Also, we would like to tell you, you can buy this and can have 20% discount, just by using “MYENVY20”. Go Go Go! Find this just in MY ENVY BOX.
My Envy Box - Raving Rage

Wikka – Beauty Potion

Want to get rid of age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, want to feel younger each day, use this. Because we are using it and it makes our skin feel soft, It’s naturally made from Aloe Vera and Avocado oil and Patchouli and Chamomile German oil, everything which is good for your skin. It’s incredible how the things that our grandmother used to teach us are actually worth trying and everyone these days is learning the value of these ingredients that we are listening since our childhood.

My Envy Box - Raving Rage

All Good Scents – Vial

Jasmine and Rose! Who loves Jasmine and Rose, raise your hand! We love it 😛

These 2 floral scents take us somewhere else, somewhere where everything is good, peaceful and we love everything about this homegrown perfume brand, its worth trying. This is collaborated with Krsnaa Mehta of India Circus brand for its distinct identity. we must say she has an amazing taste. Rose floral scent create a classic romance like movies and filmy songs whereas Jasmine gives us a warm, citrusy touch which lingers whole day. Doesn’t it sound amazingly worth trying? it is, you have to try this. Use”MEB20″ Coupon Code for flat 20% off on the sitewide. Raving Rage is here to give you best offers. So grab them. Isn’t MY ENVY BOX great?

My Envy Box - Raving Rage

So what are you waiting for subscribe today or use a coupon code, whatever you decide but the important thing is that you are taking care of yourself which is utmost important, so never forget to treat yourself the priority because happy you can keep your surrounding happy? And My Envy Box is one sweet way to show yourself, love!

My Envy Box - Raving Rage


Aditi and Nikita (Raving Rage)

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