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Happiness is NEW COSMETICS, many of THEM ūüėÄ

Hey Guys!

What’s best than having the personal cosmetic kit from¬†Envy Box¬†to pamper your skin especially after the festival of colors – Holi..Hope you guys had fun celebrating the festival because we sure did and after having fun,¬†Envy Box¬†was a life saver, the products on the March Box is incredibly great. Totally worth it and best thing is¬†“you all guys can avail 25% due to account of Holi festival”, isn’t it great??… What are you guys waiting for just jump onto¬†the offer and feel gorgeous after using the products, it’s all about making yourself shine with right kind of product..ENVY BOXwill give you that shine and pamper, that you are looking for and that too every month.

So what are you waiting for, just grab the best of best and find out what works for you!

March Box РEnvy Box had such a beautiful printed box this time, we could just subscribe it for box, it is that beautiful.

Not seen it yet??  just click on Envy Box and you will know what we are talking about.


Beautiful Box, we are going to keep this forever. What do you guys think?

Our March Box – ENVY LOVE!

  • Bblunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream
  • AVA Body Moisturizer with SPF 30
  • Hedonista Fleur Frozar Ittar
  • Bioderma SPF 50+
  • Bottega di LungaVita Vita Age in Face Scrub


Bblunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream

Ohh this is great, especially for people like us who have dry hair and frizz makes it all worse, and the summers are just horrible, but now this works¬†like a¬†“Genie in a bottle”,¬†it ensures that hair don’t go frizzy even though its hot, dry, humid outside, it just enhances the way your hair look and protects you from the outside environment. Which is great if you want to style your hair in a certain way, it is also the best for people who uses heat styling as it protects from damage as well.

How to Use: Just apply it on a towel dry hair, by rubbing small quantity in your palm and focus on mid length and ends.

Way to go!!!


AVA Body Moisturizer with SPF 30

Looking for a perfect body moisturizer with SPF in it, which not only gives a good skin but also protects your skin from aging and blemishes, the moisturiser with such properties are like the¬†“Girls best friend”, so what are you looking for just grab this and get mesmerized with it’s fragrance and affect.


Hedonista Fleur Frozar Ittar

This is our¬†favourite out of all, and why is that? because we are girls who gets attracted to the people who smell great, who doesn’t like a breeze of great perfumed person, it just makes all your senses awake, don’t you feel that way?

So if you are one of those person who likes to smell great that this is it, this is what you need a¬†“FROZEN ITTAR”¬†to make people sitting next to you go wild, a solid perfume made from the best ingredients in the world. This is our favourite and certainly will be your favourite if you once own it, it’s thatttttttttttt amazinggg…

Where to apply: behind your ears, wrist, throat and back of knees.


Bioderma SPF 50+ 

SPF 50+, we all need it these days, who doesn’t but to have the bestest effect, it’s important to choose the right SPF, So this Bioderma limits hyper pigmentation and protects scars, protects from UVA/UVB rays, also protects you from sunburn and intolerance etc. So many positivity in one bottle, clearly it’s worth it!

During Holi, this was our life saver, because we needed this to protect our skin from heat ūüôā

Bottega di LungaVita Vita Age in Face Scrub

A face scruber which is so effective that it just not only cleanse your face but it removes the dead cells from the skin surface while promoting your new cell’s growth and provide oxygenation to your skin, leaving your skin soft, radiant with even skin tone. Best if you use it 2-3 times a week¬†and rinse it throughly with warm water.

This helped us get rid of the colors that we had on our face after playing Holi like a kid, so you can imagine this is so good ūüėÄ

So this is it, this was the March Love that we got from Envy Box, a box which made us rethink on the cosmetic choices that we have made till now, and we certainly got our favourites, which will always be there in our kitty kit because they are must haves.

Hope you will find your forever here, just go and subscribe yourself at Envy Box and figure out your love!


Aditi & Nikita – Raving Rage

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