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So many nail polishes, not enough fingers- Nail Spa by Gurpreet

Hey Guys!

Today I have a fun thing to share with you. I always wanted to get the nails extension but somehow never found the time nor the right place to get it done. You can say I am very lazy too 😛 but this is really not the case here. I have heard so many people with so many reviews on different nail spa units across Delhi NCR and I always got a mixed review from everyone around me until now (Nail Spa by Gurpreet).

I came across this amazing “Nail Spa unit by Gurpreet” in Galleria market, Gurgaon. Even though its a very cozy place, the nail art is just too good. You name the design and they will do exactly same as what you need. They have 100 of options and colors. They are clean and people are really nice.

Those of who, who didn’t know the procedure of how this extension is applied and how is it done. I have clicked few pictures for you. Hope you like my extension art and Nail Spa by Gurpreet.

1.  They first choose acrylic nail based on your fingernails width and size. And apply it with Glue.

2.  Then they file the nails based on the length you want and make them smooth

3.  Then they apply gel nail polish to make the base even and strong. Then you put your fingers under a heated instrument to set the gel.

4.  Then you get to choose the nail polish and the work of art begins 😁

5.  The last process is filing and applying gel all over again and putting it on heat as before.

Simple but very time consuming but it is worth every penny because later on, it feels incredible when you see your beautiful nails. As I am obsessing. Everyone around me is asking where did I get it done and proudly say at Nail Spa by Gurpreet

In Nail Spa by Gurpreet, I choose a white base with glitter all over, with ring finger to be in colorful leaves shaped plant as I love colors and the last finger in grey with glitter to give it an edge.

I truly enjoyed this process and services at Nail Spa by Gurpreet and I think I am going to be obsessed with this place.

Attaching for your their menu card with all the services details and price because I love you guys too much 😘

Some more pictures….

Nail Spa by Gurpreet | A Nail Art Review

Nail Spa by Gurpreet

Nail Spa by Gurpreet | A Nail Art Review

Nail Spa by Gurpreet | A Nail Art Review

Nail Spa by Gurpreet

Nail Spa by Gurpreet | A Nail Art Review

Nikita (Raving Rage)

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