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Night Suit On Nikita >> BHANUMATI KA PITARA










Nite Nite Guys!

I know it generally starts with Hey Guys, but today it’s a nite nite for you guys, why do you ask ?? because I am in my comfy scooter print pink nap suit from BHANUMATI KA PITARA.

BHANUMATI KA PITARA, So now most of you must be wondering what it is ? Let me tell you what does it mean first of all, it means “a wonder casket” , there is a lot of thought given to this brand name and even though it may sound cliché, the brand do reach the level of its name, a pack of surprise prints, which are just too good to wear at night, the prints of such kind is not easy to find anywhere, I love that, now I can find them easily at BHANUMATI KA PITARA.

So now where do these guys sell this cutieee prints in amazing colours? BHANUMATI KA PITARAsell only at Instagram right now but trust me they will soon be online because to be honest, the prints are so adorable that every girl would love to own one of these BHANUMATI KA PITARA night suits, a girl who dresses well at night as well are more likely to wake up happy, this is what i believe and these are original ☺️?

I understand the print is so childish and there is nothing bad in showing your young side at night,  also I am a pretty girl and I love pink and these scooters are going to take me on the other side, to my dream land where I am going to ride these pretty scooter and travel the entire world, it will be so much fun, so cool indeed..

I dream like that so don’t judge, you guys ☺☺☺️!!

So I am feeling sleepy now …ZZZZZZZ

Can’t wait to go into that zone and have a great sleep before everything else from the next day falls in my lap and I begin my day with a kick ass mood, because I feel so fantabulous in myBHANUMATI KA PITARA nap suit.

What are you guys waiting for?? Go and buy yourself beautiful night suits from  BHANUMATI KA PITARA and own one like I have and enjoy your night like I am.

Ohh last by not least if you are worried about the quality, don’t be it’s tried and tested and its beautiful, I mean the feel of the fabric, so chilax 🙂

Nite nite guys!!

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