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Hey Pretty People,

We know you guys are all busy with the Diwali preparations and all and we understand that you have a lot going in your mind right now but did you ever consider giving people My Envy Box as a Diwali Present? Did you ever think you can actually extend people’s celebration of Diwali to months? It doesn’t have to be a day celebration anymore. We are gifting few of our fashionable friends MY ENVY BOX and they will love this present more than usual Diwali Gifts, so you can send this present to and can gain wishes this Diwali more than usual 😘☺️

So here it is what’s it’s gonna be in this month’s MY ENVY BOX, we bet it’s amazing more than usual. Because My Envy Box turns three this month and there are so many products and it was so difficult to choose one favorite


1. Forest Essential – Facial Cleansing Paste
2.AYCA- Jasmine Body Wash
3. Vert- Loose Powder
4. VICHY – Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing
5. Nertia – Nail Art
6. Endless Euphoria – Calvin Klein
7. Elixir Kultime -Kerastase
8. Gulnare – Glow Gel

1. Forest Essential- Facial Cleansing Paste

A traditional blend of rich Almond, Pistachio and Fresh Turmeric – perfect ingredients for a glowing face, we loved it, absolutely loved it, we love the feel of the skin after using this, it makes your skin baby soft. Not just this, it has buttermilk, honey, aloe vera leaf juice, floral waters which replenish and polishes your skin, obviously its gonna be awesome and top of all its from Forest Essential which makes it more loveable. I am gonna buy this anyways because the most important thing for the skin is Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse and something like this product makes it easy.


2. AYCA – Jasmine Body Wash

If you like jasmine flower, you will adore this product, after using this we felt we are in the garden full of jasmine and it made us feel so fresh, it is refreshing in its best ways possible and very relaxing at the same time. The scent last so much longer than usual product, we guess because it has coconut derivatives too.


3. Vert – Loose Powder (Our Favorite)

Love it, Love it, Love it , this is outstanding, it is a blusher, a highlighter, an eyeshadow, used for instant radiance and top of all it is a handmade loose powder made from rose petals which aren’t cakey on your skin, this is actually a very vintage process where people used to use rose petals for natural glow and to add color to skin, can’t believe it actually works, love this and will recommend it to everybody, it’s incredible. It is also recommended for all the skin types, dry, sensitive or acne prone skin, so girls don’t care about anything now, go and buy this and feel the natural glow.


4. VICHY – Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam

A refreshing foam, very cool on your skin, makes your complexion even and leaves you luminous, this is very subtle for your skin, it gives a shine and fairness to the skin which is actually very cool for girls who are back from Goa or any hot place and want to retain their skin color back.


5. Nertia- Nail Art

We have heard about dry shampoos but never heard about dry nail polishes, which actually sounds very funny but it is brilliant, a way to get a smudge free nail polish which last for 7 days and is absolutely waterproof, not just this as this has a top coat applied to it already, it protects the color and it looks exactly the same for 7 days, it is such a cool idea, now you don’t have to worry about a thing before going to any party ☺️


6. Gulnare – Glow Gel

If you read our blog post of WedMeGood Envy Box then you know that we have already told you that this shimmer is outstanding, it is very classy and has an oil moisturizer in it which keeps the skin not only shine but also protects it from getting dry.


7. Endless Euphoria – Calvin Klein

What a fragrance, we have found our endless love in this small package and you will too after applying this just for once, it is so good, heavenly and it will make you fall in love with its floral yet fruity and sexy scent. Love it!


8. Elixir – Kerastase

A very important and proper hair care routine always consist of Elixir in it, it’s very important these days to protect your hair from pollution and dirt and sunlight, it can damage your hair more than you can even imagine and it all become worse before you even get a chance to improve it so this elixir actually work wonder on your hair as this protect your hair from getting damaged and it makes your hair so soft and the scent of it is just heavenly.


So this was this, this is how My Envy Box celebrated their 3rd Anniversary with us all, a brand who celebrates Diwali Festival with their clientele are our favorite because we love My Envy Box and love that he loves us too and show care for us every step of the way, so Happy Anniversary My Envy 😘😘😘

See you next month.




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