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I will admit to hoarding beauty products. I’m a beauty lady – Naya Rivera.

Hey Guys!

What’s up? Those who guys have subscribed My Envy Box would be so excited this month like we are. Such a prize to have amazing beauty products come in every month just to pamper your outer beauty and enhance it in a best possible way. And for those who haven’t subscribed to My Envy Box yet, get it today and get discounts as mentioned below on a certain amount of purchase.

Listen up guys, such offers doesn’t last offer, so grab it today, click on the link – My Envy Box and subscribe it now!

So now on to the products received in August Envy Box, let me tell you, it’s awesome, so hold on tight ☺️

So the list goes like this…

  • Hedonista – Clear Moisturizer
  • O3+ Eye Circle Cream
  • Stay Quirky – Nail Polish
  • Omorfee – Lip lightening Salve



August Envy Box is fancy and it’s hard for us to choose the one we like most. Here is why:

  • Hedonista – Clear Moisturizer

What does this do? As the name itself says, it’s a moisturizer which hydrates skin but what’s best in Hedonista is that it is very helpful in humid months, it’s a glycerine moisturizer without stickiness, it’s lightweight and it’s nature plums up the skin. Along with that the aroma of vanilla and lavender comforts and balances the mind. The bottle says “brave the day with Glycerine and Lavender- Vanilla”, it’s good guys!


  • O3+ Eye Circle Cream

This is a must have after age of 20, if you don’t want to age early then you have to have this eye cream, because the lifestyle in which we live in, is unhealthy on its own so we have to protect ourselves with everything and what’s a better way to do it then O3+ product.

Why? – smooth-ens eye contour, lifting and firming the skin around the eyes, deflates bags, reduces puffiness, smooths wrinkles and fades dark circle, making you look younger. Can anything be better than this? I don’t think so.


  • Stay Quirky – Nail Polish

This is our favorite. It’s true that girls are incomplete without the nail polish, we feel the same way, even if our nails are tiny, we still need something on it to feel quirky. So these quirky nail polish has made our month so special because the shades they have to offer is CLASSY and SO DIFFERENT.

They have a saying- A woman is never lost except when she can’t find her shade of nail polish. So just imagine that the shade that they have to offer will be so unique and full of choices. We literally felt they have something new to offer because they have shades which are not seen in the market yet. And you can only buy it from My Envy Box, that so cool. Now the days are over when you can’t find any particular shade that you always wanted because “Stay Quirky/SQ” is here!

Love it 😘


  • Omorfee- Lip Lightening Salve

I like baby soft pink lips, even though we never had them but if this product says that this helps in discoloration and helps bring back the natural colour of your lips and leave them tender, smooth, fresh and full of sheen, then this is going to be my favourite out of all the products and I am going to start using it from tomorrow and  I am sure the ingredients of this lip salve can do wonders because it has cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, pure watermelon and carrot seed oil. Doesn’t it sound delicious?

So this was it, this is why our August Month went so beautilicious with these beauty products. You can also end it well by subscribing to My Envy Box!

What are you waiting for then? Go get it.



Aditi and Nikita

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