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A designer with Passion is everyone’s favorite but the one with style is our favorite, that’s you Shantanu & Nikhil?

Hi Guys!

I am blushing today, I swear I am and I so want to share my experience with you guys because I love you and also because I like to share what I love the most with you, as you are my favorite?

So back to the exciting story, today I had a talk with Nikhil, the designer from Shantanu and Nikhil, Ohhh he is so amazing and stunning and I love his voice, it is so attractive, I really liked it and trust me I am very picky??

I got a chance to talk to him and ask him 5 questions by Vogue India, extremely thankful to them. But I so wish they have given me more than 5 questions because I just wanted to talk to Nikhil more and more and 12 mins were not good enough ??. Yes, I noted down the time, Is that weird?

Hahhahahhahaha..jokes apart, want to know what I talked about and what did he reply to my silly but not so silly questions? Read below and become a fan of Nikhil and Vogue, India both.

So starting from my reaction to then end of 12 mins goes like this…

I find Nikhil Attractive and Stunning, I do, I think I am crazy about the guys who is so well-dressed up and suited. I think I have hots for him but as everyone knows EVERY GOOD LOOKING GUYS IS ALWAYS TAKEN, I wanted to call dibs on him but unfortunately, Nikhil’s Wife has taken that opportunity from me ☺☺️, Just Kidding Vidushi, we all love that you found your true love. So basically I told him, I love his collection and that I love him ☺

Then after he blushed, I started throwing my questions at him, I really hope he was happy with them, or happy with me?


So the list of questions goes like this:

1. Do you both wear your own designs? Or is there any particular brand that you like?

Nikhil’s Reply: I like mixing and match and I am really impulsive buyer, most of them is inspired from my traveling. Like another day I was at the airport and brought a Benetton T-shirt because I didn’t like the t-shirt that I was wearing under my green jacket so I bought a plain white t-shirt from Benetton. So there is nothing particular, it’s more impulsive and I am actually in the middle, I like wearing jackets with Jeans or Funky Pants or Trousers, it’s more like Casual Chic.

2. Will you be willing to work with fashion bloggers of India? Do you think they can be good for your brand?

Nikhil’s Reply: ABSOLUTELY! I would love too, I think it’s a future when it comes to design, to be able to talk about your opinions and would love to read the reviews and it’s a great opportunity, would love to be a part of it.

My reply: Then I will wait for it ☺☺️.

Nikhil says, With Pleasure!

3. Is there a muse, who motivates you to design such beautiful clothes?

Nikhil’s Reply: Yes I have and that’s my wife from past 15 years, she brings me back on track when I am on a wrong track, she motivates me, so that I don’t lose focus. Then there is my brother Shantanu who makes sure I am top on my creative juices and he is always there for me, then there is my team, they are incredible, a bunch of funky and cool guys to hangout with, so designs come quite naturally to us.

My Reply: If I would have the chance to ask you 6th question, I would love to hear your and Vidushi’s love story ☺

4. What is the theme/or inspiration of your current collection?

Nikhil’s Reply: So ya the inspiration was Spain, I was traveling with my team to Soria and found the women there are really strong and very attractive and focused like Indian Women, so it about women empowerment and collection have strong influence out of Spain, lot of ruffles and crepes. The color palette is very decadent and a lot of dark plums, emerald greens, pepper black and deep blues, that Indian women loves to dry and totally different than what they wear, in general, the usual Red and Pink. So Aditi Rao Hydrai was wearing his current collection in IIFA Awards. She is stunning.



5. If you get a chance, is there anything you will be doing other than being Shantanu and Nikhil?

Nikhil’s Reply: Well not really, but I wanted to become a cardiac surgeon but my 10th grade didn’t allow that. Hahaha, So now I am doing surgery on my clothes…

My Reply: I am grateful that you are a designer and being a designer is such a hard-work.

Nikhil’s Reply: Yes, I am having fun.

So that’s it, this was my amazing Tuesday and I loved talking to him and if you would like to meet this amazing person and an outstanding designer, you have to attend the Vogue Wedding show on 5-7th August, to attend this show you have to register yourself onwww.vogueweddingshow.in and be there for some designer fun.

Loved.Loved.Loved Nikhil and will meet him personally on 6th August at Vogue’s Wedding show, can’t wait for it.

Shantanu_Nikhil_Delhi_Couture_2011 (2)




ss16_collection_00 (1)


You can meet us too on 6th August at this Vogue Wedding Show.



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