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“I am not Special, I am just Limited Edition” – this is what Raving Rage has to say for Lumbr.

Hey Guys!

What can we say, we are just in a WOAH zone after looking at these amazing pieces of Lumbr. We just love wooden pieces, it’s always nice to have classic wooden pieces in your home so that when you come home those pieces remind you that you have done something quite good in your life that you earned something so classy and contemporary which makes you have that force drive to do more and more in your life, so that you can have more of those carved wooden pieces.

Who would have thought now you can carry small pieces of wooden carved things with you every time you walk out of those doors for work, yes Lumbr made this imagination come true, now you can take those pieces with you every time and see what you have earned and the pieces are so pretty and unique that you will fall in love instantly, you don’t have to buy it to feel it, your one look on these mobile phones covers are enough and your finger tips will end up buying one of the pieces by your own and after that you will think how did I do it, I didn’t even think about my purchase, but it will all be worth it when you will have that in your hand.

The hard part in Lumbr was “what to choose”, there were so many exclusive pieces that my head got spinned and we end up saying “we wish we had so many phones, so that we can buy everything that we liked on their page”.








The story behind Lumbr is amazing and the tag line in their story touched our heart i.e. So.. the next time you want to say ‘Touch Wood’ you need not run to a piece of furniture 🙂 , 

Isn’t that sweet and so original that every Indian does that intentionally, without fail 😛

Their Story : Lumbr is derived from the word “lumber” meaning wood. The concept of Lumbr was born out of the obsession for wood, keeping in mind the way wood dominates our lifestyle. We came up with the idea of blending the strength and richness of wood to enwrap the hand-held devices you cannot think of going a day without.

Our aim is to bring nature an inch closer, not just feel it, but have it within the touch our hands. Let go of the synthetic materials and enjoy the bliss of something more real. The natural materials and minimalistic designs of our products are appealing enough to raise eyebrows.

At Lumbr, we redefine the ordinary by blending the classic and the contemporary.

Incorporate timeless wood in your lifestyle with our wide range of products.

Loved them without fail and you will too if you visit them once –LUMBR



Products featured are the Skin’s and Mobile Covers.

And Special Thanks to LUMBRteam, as they carved our blog name on one of the mobile covers, that’s so sweet of them 😀


Aditi and Nikita

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