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All because two people fell in LOVE – WedMeGood

Hey Lovely Bride and Grooms,

I know how important this day is for you. Everything in this world will seem little when you take that walk towards each other. I believe there is always a moment, that one tiny microsecond moment in everyone’s wedding which assures you that this is it, there is no place you would rather be, this is home, this is a safe space, THIS IS LOVE. This is how beautiful love is, being in love and a thought of spending the entire life with that every person is just a beautiful feeling. And therefore, a wedding is a special occasion and that’s why it holds such importance in a groom and a bride’s life. And there is when WedMeGood comes in a picture.

WedMe With a checklist, detailed vendor list, inspiration gallery and blog – you won’t need to spend hours planning a wedding anymore.
Sounds great?
I know I am not married, nor is Aditi but we have this list of ideas that we are definitely going to implement in our wedding planning and since you are our family, we would love to share those beautiful ideas with you. We are definitely going to download the Wedmegood app and plan our wedding easy on the go. See for your self.
So let’s begin.
Wanna know my ideas?? You are all free to steal them 😀

Since Venue is the 2nd foremost thing in the wedding, let’s start with it. Ohh, you want to know what’s 1st important thing? A great Guy or Girl 😛

So I am into a destination wedding during the daytime, I believe the photographs are much clearer.

(If you want brunch of ideas about the destinations, click on the link – Wedding Venues )
WedMeGood |RavingRage

PC: Rahul Lal Photography

After that, I believe the outfits are important for both bride and groom because it is. There is no reason behind it but it is utmost important to look your best since you will be the center of everything and I just love to imagine that terrifying feeling when everyone is watching you. I just love Anita Dongre and I might want to wear one of her pieces but WedMegood has million of ideas. From mehndi to reception to marriage, they have everything.
(If you want brunch of ideas about the outfit, click on the link – Bridal Wear and Groom Wear)
WedMeGood |RavingRage

PC: Lehenga by Anita Dongre

After this, I feel photographs are the next important thing, I personally don’t believe in pre-wedding shoots but I believe in good pictures taken during the wedding because that’s memory, I want to cherish those memories all my life.

Like Venues, bridal makeup artists, mehendi artists, etc, you can also book candid wedding photographers on Wedmegood.

WedMeGood |RavingRage

PC: Hitesh Shivnani

After this, there is the one other category, that is the last and most important thing, for which I will be in charge of in my wedding and that’s Jewellery. Everything else can be taken care of with y family by WedMeGood team but for these 4 things that I mentioned, I will be the boss 🙂 I like Chokers and there is definitely going to be choker necklace in my wedding. because Jewellery is forever, a thing that you pass from generation to generation, so its very critical and important stage. If it’s up to me, I will wear Choker I all my functions. And then I like the nose ring, a big one. I just love them.

(If you want brunch of jewelers, click on the link Wedding Jewellery Selection)

WedMeGood |RavingRage


Although nothing will be done in my wedding without my permission still this is the area that I would like to cover as a top priority, what do you think?

What else is needed for a wedding?

  • A Bridal Makeup Artist
  • A Wedding Decorator
  • A Wedding Planner
  • A Wedding Videographer
  • A Wedding Card
  • Cakes
  • Bridal Mehndi
  • Catering
  • DJ
  • Choreographer
  • Catering
  • Accessories
  • Favors

Yes, this is all that WedMeGood covers for you, with your needs and budget. Isn’t it good that our parents will be more relaxed in the wedding then what we usually see? Because they have every right to enjoy the wedding like you do. So let your family relax and choose WedMeGood in the next wedding that’s in your way, with all the permission 🙂

Don’t believe me, head to WedMeGood website, right away.

Telling you it’s Your Wedding Your Way concept.


Raving Rage

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